Honouring the memory of Sir Donald Gordon

We regret to inform you of the passing of Sir Donald Gordon on 21 November 2019, the founder of our company. On behalf of the entire Liberty community, we send our heartfelt condolences to the Gordon family and friends. Likewise, we extend our condolences to those in our community who knew him and worked with him.

Sir Donald Gordon was a visionary leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who made an immense contribution to our industry and country. In 1957 he founded Liberty on three principles born of a deep belief in serving humanity: 

I will remember the humanity in what we do.

I will help people leave a legacy for their families.

I will make Liberty not just our name but what we do.

We are proud to be associated with this pioneering leader.

The purpose of Liberty remains true to his vision of financial freedom for all. There is no greater way to honour him than to fan the Liberty flame so that it burns as brightly as possible for all whom it serves.

We remain grateful for the impact of his philanthropic work, particularly in education.

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  1. Chris de Lange

    A real South African hero.

  2. Patrick John Love

    I had the pleasure to meet Donald Gordon and his wife Peggie, whilst working with Design International. I was the chief designer with Leigh Speakman responsible for Donald’s Head Office , interior design for the top floor of the. Liberty Life insurance headquarters, in Johannesburg. I have many happy memories working with Donald.. One day he said its important Patrick to check for bugs in all this material you have specked for our head Offices. I naively replied…”Oh there’s no chance of bugs, as all the material being processed into partitions, ceilings , carpets and furniture etc, was new and of the best quality!” Donald replied with a grin…”No , No , I mean of the eltronically generated kind!” With that I made an appointment for Chubb Security International to do site checks of all materials, during work progress and installation. He was a great man, a true spirit of great talent, both of the personal. kind and also of the property development kind. Upon returning to Montreal, I set up my own design practice and flourished well. I now live in Voglers Cove, Nova Scotia.

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