About Us

The Meaning Of CroisFin

Since I am from French descent, I looked for some French name. New beginnings & changes brings about – Growth
Growth in French is – “Croissance” Thus the name
Croissance Financial Services ( PTY) Ltd t/a CroisFin
We want to grow our potential to do better and achieve
Thus the Slogan Growing Your Potential


CroisFin/Liberty Cultural Drivers

Our Culture embraces sexy, funky, fun and groovy professionals with a can-do attitude,
who are big on the principles of
relationship marketing and achieve 100% every time.

Our Culture has Zero tolerance for non-performance, we avoid energy thieves who have a world view
of taking and not giving and
holy cows aren’t allowed entry into our ongoing strategic debate.

Our Culture does not tolerate mediocrity, being average and energy thieves.

Our Culture does not tolerate Arrogance, Selfishness and Ungratefulness – we always
remember our
humble beginnings and do not look down on others.

Our Culture does not tolerate entitlement. Under NO circumstances.

Our Culture does not tolerate rudeness, bullies and bad manners.


Fire was early man's most valuable possession


Early man gathered around the fire. They knew that the strength of the tribe was in numbers


There is a saying; If you hunt, you will eat


Fire is simple; It is the ultimate form of Energy


Early man found meaning in working together, strengthening the tribe and striving to live rather than just survive.