We provide a “One Stop Shop” service where we deal with all your requests, locally, with an affiliation with Liberty.
We provide you with Highly Trained Broker Consultants with vast experience.
We provide you with Legal Advisors to assist in:
Financial Needs Analysis for top clients;
Business Needs Analysis for business assurance;
Legal Advice to financial advisors.
We provide you with an In-house Legal Advisor Sales who provides you with a full suite of Fiduciary Services.
We have a highly trained back office team on site to help you with processing of requests,
new business and servicing – now finalised in our office and not a call centre.
We provide you with an Employee Benefits Specialist who helps you with presentations to your corporate clients.
We provide you with a Risk & Investment Specialist to assist you in providing a professional service to your clients.
We provide your clients with Traveling Nurses for medical tests to be done at their convenience.
We provide you with the BEST Underwriting Department in SA & they are accessible to you.
We provide you with a Full Range of Competitive Products for your clients to fulfill all their needs.
We have State of the Art Offices that is an extension of our Financial Advisors offices.